About NWTers.com

NWTers.com is your one stop place where you can find out what is happening in the Northwest Territories.

This site is essentially a Twitter follower that picks up on conversations about the NWT. It could display simple information such as current weather or an upcomming power outage. Naturally NWTers also picks up the latest news from major media outlets, shows job offerings and displays significant northern events.

Want NWTers to display what you are saying?

NWTers.com will automatically display conversations and thoughts that are posted on Twitter that pertain to the Northwest Territories. If you want to join the conversation and have your thoughts displayed on NWTers, you can do it simply by:

NWTers.com will automatically take care of the rest.

NWTers uses Twitter Hashtags

To make the information displayed on this site more readable, we use Twitter Hashtags to organize our data. Some common tags that pertain to our site are:

  • #YZF – Yellowknife
  • #X1A – Northwest Territories

NWTers.com strives to become the best Northern news aggregator, organizing current news about the Northwest Territories. If you have any suggestions on how to make this site better please send us a message or follow us on Twitter.